The new archaeology in Spain.


Last 7th May there was held an interesting meeting and discussion at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). Under the title of «La recepción de la ‘Nueva Arqueología’ en España: nuevas teorías y metodologías en la Arqueología española (1970-1990)» some important archaeology professors and doctors were reunited to talk about this as part of a project called «Una Arqueología sin fronteras. Los contactos internacionales de la Arqueología en España en el s. XX» (HAR2012-34033)

The target of the meeting was to collect the personal experiences of these professors who were influenced by the ideas and new perspectives which new archaeology brought to their works in Spain.

The participants were:

Margarita Díaz-Andreu, as main investigator made an introduction about the project and the meeting.

Victor M. Fernández, another investigator of this project, gave a general vision about the new archaeology in Spain, telling how the publications in 1968 were really important arriving to Spain through americanists, anthropologists and translators. How important were also some english like I. Hodder who visited Spain. And also talking about the meetings and congress which spread these theories like the Coloquios interancionales de arqueología espacial in Teruel (1984-2010).

Francisco Burillo, who were the reponsable of those Coloquios Internacionales de arqueología espacial in Teruel, talked about his experiences and the importance of these meetings in those years and the impact in the methodology.

Manuel González Morales, talked about the new archaeology in the prehistory, how important was the opening of the Franco regime to USA, and the influence of some professors and pupils who came from abroad, like Freeman, and their impact in the works which took place in Cueva Morín (1966-69); Tito Bustillo (1970); or La Riera (1976).

Carmen Aranegui, talked about the contacts with other countries too, like France. And also about the situation before and after the arrival of these new ideas. How the students in those years wanting to change the methodology and ideas although they had not the preparation for it.

Miguel Rivera, talked from the point of view of an americanist and anthropologist. He talked about other important actors like Emiliano Aguirre and José Alcina. And told how close are the ideas of the new archaeology with the cultural anthropology. For him are the same, and something like that it is thought in USA and America.

Joaquina Soares, was the last participant and told the Portugal experience with the new archaeology through the years since 1974 when it started, related with the Revolution.

After all these interesting experiences there was a discussion with questions and answers directed by Arturo Ruiz.

The main discussions were about if there were influences from other countries in the new archaeology; if it is possible to talk about new archaeology in the ancient and medieval archaeology; and finally, if all of this was really important for archaeology when nowadays with the private archaeology doesn’t focus much in the analisys, methodology and theories that the new archaeology brought in those years.

It was a really interesting meeting.

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