MeetArch 2015


Just last week it took place in Madrid the first Meet Arch, a kind of fair or convention about archaeology with stands, talks, etc. I don’t know if it was the first of its kind in Spain, but it was for sure the first  in Madrid.

It was organized by the Sección de Arqueología del Colegio de Doctores y Licenciados de Madrid (CDL), with the colaboration of diferent firms and companies. It took place in Mercado Barceló, next to Fuencarral street in the city centre. It wasn’t so big, but i was surprised because i went a first hours in the morning and was full of people. You can see the schedule and activities which took place, here.


As i said before, i could find there different stands of companies, firms, editors, museums, universities which were presenting their project and their work. It was a good place to meet new people, to find old friends, and to make some contacts. There were even some drinks, beer and gin-tonic, as part of different crowfunding projects.

Something interesting i noticed was that most of the companies have changed his projects of work due to the recent and still present crisis. I saw many digital recreations, 3D, etc, projects; also some tourist and education projects; many courses for professionals; and few editors. But there weren’t any firm showing the tradicional project of excavation (which is what people expect from archaeology). And that is caused for the crisis and the necessity of change to survive.


I could also find a couple of stand with reproductions, an emerging business too, that could be sold for museum, education, etc.


And i saw a man working on it.


It was an interesting initiative that i hope to see more years, with more participants, and good results for the archaeology.

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