Coming back and some events

It’s been a while since last time i wrote something here. But last summer i found 3 jobs, and since then i’ve been working, with no time to write. And jobs were not archaeology related so didn’t have much to tell. Well, one was as guide in a Monastery, but wasn’t as much interesting as it sounds, except for the fact that during free time i could walk around there in such a beautiful mountain landscape. One day i went to visit some friends who were digging near there in Pinilla del Valle where there is a Neanderthal site which you can visit since last summer.

Apart from that, most of the time i’ve been working in a big cosmetic company, but some times i went to some events and interesting places.

I went to a couple of book presentations, both in the Museo Arqueológico Nacional:

-In October 1st «Flora y Fauna ibérica. De lo real a lo imaginario» The presentation by itself wasn’t very interesting, but the book i think it’s pretty interesting, specially for people working this culture and period.

-In November 3rd went to the presentation of Yannis Hamilakis book «Arqueología y los sentidos» which was very interesting. I still haven’t read the book but i think it’s necesary to know this new point of view for archaeology.
Due to work i couldn’t asist in November to the anual meeting in Museo Arqueológico Regional that consist in three days of conferences and papers about the archaeology in Madrid. And could go only one evening to the «25A – Veinticinco años de arqueología profesional madrileña» a two days meeting to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the «Colegio Oficial de Arqueólogos de la Comunidad de Madrid».

But since i finish my work in December to start some archaeology related project, i have now more time for this. And the last two week i went to a couple of interesting events.

First was the presentation of ADARQ- Asociación Nacional de dibujantes e ilustradores de arqueología which is not only for spaniards but for everyone who want to join. It is a very interesting idea, and the event was really cool with some conferences and a lot of people.
The other one was a conference about a site which has been so important for the Spanish history but has been forgotten for decades. Now in a new project it is been digged it again, and conditioned to be visitable. It is the site of Guarrazar, where the most famous Visigoth treasure of Spain was found more than 100 years ago.

And that’s all, i think. The truth is i haven’t got much time these past months, but now it is different. So i hope to write more here. Maybe i’ll come back two more times in the next week.

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