Many things to tell

It’s been a long time since last time i wrote. I can really say time flies. It is something i feel now from some years ago. I remember when i was younger the years lasted…years. But now you blink in february and it’s already november. Sorry for been so lazy these months. Yes, i could talk about health problems, family matters, work issues, but at the end it is only a problem of procrastination.

Beside that, i have some things to tell you. Interesting things i’ve done these months. I’m so sorry some of them have already passed so you can’t see them or live them. But i’ll tell you about them anyway.

First of all, this summer, thanks to universe, i hadn’t to work 7 days a week for three months, like the last summer (althogh that means less money too). So i had time to do some summer things like go to the beach, and of course visit some exhibitions.


The first one was last spring at MAN Madrid and the tittle was «En los confines de Oriente Próximo. El hallazgo moderno de país de Magán». The exhibition was about the findings in Oman by a team from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid which bring to light the ancient kingdom of Magan that was mentioned in ancient mesopotamian texts, for example. The exhibition had two parts, the first one told the history of this region from paleolithic to the VII century. With a total of 180 items. The second part told, with 60 items and a scenography, the results of the digging by the spanish team in the Al Madam site. If you wan to have more information you can click here.


The second exhibition i visited was also at the MAN Madrid and it took place since summer until last month. The title was «Lusitania romana. Origen de dos pueblos». It was about the formation of this important roman province from the previous substrate of the iron age. The exhibition had more than 200 items, both from spanish and portuguese museums and institutions. Some of them were really amazing like these:


For more information you can go here.


The last exhibition i want to tell you about that i visited this summer was «Vikingos. Guerreros del norte. Gigantes del mar». Fortunately this exhibition is until January 2017, so you can still visit it. It is at the MARQ in Alicante. The exhibition is a colaboration between this museum and the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen. The exhibition has three parts in three different spaces. The first one is dedicated to «The Viking ship. Warriors and traders» . The second part is «The expansion and the Viking society». And the third part is «Gods and Beliefs». Finally there is a space dedicated to the rol of the viking in the region called «Vikings and Omeyas», quite interesting too. All of them are explained with interesting texts and videos, and with many beautiful items.


Also related with this exhibition the museum has edited an incredible catalogue, not only with the pieces from the exhibition and the information about them, but also with some articles about these topics writen by experts. It can be considered a little manual about vikings. And to do it more interesting during the last week there were a meeting in the museum where danish and spanish experts talked about different aspects of the vikings. So if you like you still can go and visit this exhibition. If not you can visit the web here.


And i think that’s all for now. I hope at least you can visit the last exhibition that is still open. I’ll come back later in this week to tell you more things.

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